Hypovitaminosis D in an hospitalized old population of Western Friuli


Objectives Hypovitaminosis D is very common in the elderly in Italy and generally in the world, contributing to bone fractures and muscle weakness. The aim of the study was to evaluate bone metabolism in an old population of patients hospitalized not for musculo-skeletal complaints. Methods The clinical records of 175 patients, 98 female and 77 male, aged >65 years, hospitalized in a Department of Internal Medicine (Sacile, Western Friuli) were retrospectively reviewed. Serum levels of calcium, phosphorous, alkaline phosphatase, parathyroid hormone (PTH) and 25-OH vitamin D were evaluated. Correlations between these parameters were investigate. Results Abnormalities of bone metabolism parameters were frequently founded, particularly hypocalcemia, increased PTH and reduced 25-OH vitamin D. Hypovitaminosis D were detected in 88% of patients, low levels in 30.28% and very low levels in 57.72%. Hypovitaminosis D was related to female sex, old age of patients and high levels of PTH. Conclusions Our data confirm that hypovitaminosis D is very common in elderly population. The study has been performed in an Italian Region where the supplementation of vitamin D in the elderly is not performed, suggesting that a awareness campaign of the doctors could be very useful to prevent bone metabolism abnormalities.



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bone metabolism, hospitalized old patients, hypovitaminosis D
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Perin, A., Zanatta, E., Pigatto, E., Carniello, S., & Cozzi, F. (2012). Hypovitaminosis D in an hospitalized old population of Western Friuli. Reumatismo, 64(3), 166-171. https://doi.org/10.4081/reumatismo.2012.166

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