The arthropathy of systemic sclerosis


Joint involvement occurs in thirds of SSc patients during the course of the disease, but may be the onset manifestation. Arthralgias, stiffness and tendon sheath involvement constitute the most common clinical findings affecting all joints, but predominantly the fingers, wrists and ankles. The most common radiographic abnormalities in SSc patients are subcutaneous calcinosis and digital tuft resorptions, which are frequently observed at the hands. Juxtaarticular demineralitation, joint space narrowing and erosions also occur and are diagnostic challenges with rheumatoid arthritis. Flexion deformities and tendon friction rubs are more common in dcSSc; arthritis/arthralgias and radiographic abnormalities similarly affect patients from each subset. A recent classification of radiological patterns (inflammatory, degenerative, periarticular fibrotic) pointed out a greater prevalence of the fibrotic pattern at the hands and degenerative pattern at the feet.



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Malesci, D., La Montagna, G., & Valentini, G. (1). The arthropathy of systemic sclerosis. Reumatismo, 57(4), 232-237.

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