Knuckle pads mimic early psoriatic arthritis


Knuckle pads or Garrod’s nodes are a rare, non-inflammatory condition. They consist of benign, well-circumscribed fibro-adipose tissue over the small joints of hands and feet. Knuckle pads may be under-diagnosed and mistaken for early arthritis. The rheumatologist should perform an accurate differential diagnosis in which he can be helped by ultrasound and by other colleagues, such as the dermatologist. Ultrasound is considered useful in the assessment of the thickening of the subcutaneous tissue, located usually on the extensor site of proximal interphalangeal and metacarpophalangeal hand joints. Dermoscopy may play a role in detecting epidermal and dermal changes. We hereby report the case of a female patient with knuckle pads mimicking psoriatic arthritis.



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Knuckle pads, Garrod’s nodes, psoriatic arthritis, ultrasound, dermoscopy.
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