Web TV on rheumatological diseases


SIR Tv is the first web TV entirely dedicated to the world of Rheumatology and officially promoted by the Italian Society of Rheumatology.
A web TV that provides training, information and a culture of prevention on over 150 diseases that affect five million Italians. These are serious, painful, potentially disabling disorders that are growing rapidly in our country. Arthritis and osteoarthritis alone affect 16% of Italians and are the two most common chronic diseases after hypertension. Early diagnosis and timely therapeutic intervention can significantly limit and in some cases reverse the progression of the disease.
SIR Tv wants to contribute to improving awareness of rheumatologic diseases in the belief that knowledge of the main rheumatologic diseases can contribute to prevention and optimisation of treatment.

Italian Society of Rheumatology
The SIR is the scientific society that brings together more than 1,500 rheumatology specialists active throughout Italy. Its aim is to strengthen and develop projects in the field of scientific research, training, information and health care in the field of rheumatology.
For this reason, SIR encourages and solicits every initiative aimed at supporting patients and improving the treatment and prevention of rheumatological diseases.