Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Reumatismo are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2015).

Alessia Alunno (Italy), Maurizio Benucci (Italy), Maurizio Benucci (Italy), Costantino Botsios (Italy), Roberto Caporali (Italy), Alberto Cauli (Italy), Luca Cimino (Italy), Marco A. Cimmino (Italy), Veronica Codullo (Italy), Fabrizio Conti (Italy), Franco Cozzi (Italy), Giovanna Cuomo (Italy), Maurizio Cutolo (Italy), Salvatore D’Angelo (Italy), Andrea Delle Sedie (Italy), Andrea Doria (Italy), Georgios Filippou (Italy), Emilio Filippucci (Italy), Roberto Gerli (Italy), Marcello Govoni (Italy), Monique Hinchcliff (USA), Andrew G. Lee (USA), Andrea Lo Monaco (Italy), Ennio Lubrano (Italy), Antonio Marchesoni (Italy), Paola Migliorini (Italy), Sara Monti (Italy), Alessandro Muda (Italy), Simone Parisi (Italy), Nicolò Pipitone (Italy), Piercarlo Sarzi Puttini (Italy), Carlo Alberto Scirè (Italy), Luca M. Sconfienza (Italy), Gian Domenico Sebastiani (Italy), Mehmet Engin Tezcan (Turkey), Angela Tincani (Italy)

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