Thanks to Reviewers

The Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of Reumatismo are indebted with the following colleagues for their assistance in refereeing articles submitted to the journal (published or refused during 2016).

Antonella Afeltra (Italy), Alessia Alunno (Italy), Fabiola Atzeni (Italy), Maurizio Benucci (Italy), Gerolamo Bianchi (Italy), Costantino Botsios (Italy), Lorena Brance (Argentina), Serena Bugatti (Italy), Roberto Caporali (Italy), Lorenzo Cavagna (Italy), Marco Cazzola (Italy), Francesco Ciccia (Italy), Rolando Cimaz (Italy), Marco Cimmino (Italy), Fabrizio Conti (Italy), Franco Cozzi (Italy), Salvatore D’Angelo (Italy), Gabriele De Marco (Italy), Antonio Del Puente (Italy), Georgios Filippou (Italy), Antonella Fioravanti (Italy), Franco Franceschini (Italy), Marcello Govoni (Italy), Luca Iaccarino (Italy), Francesca Ingegnoli (Italy), Andrea Lo Monaco (Italy), Ennio Lubrano (Italy), Antonio Manzo (Italy), Antonio Marchesoni (Italy), Malachi McKenna (Irleland), Paola Migliorini (Italy), Carlo Palazzi (Italy), Simone Parisi (Italy), Rosario Peluso (Italy), Carlo Perricone (Italy), Nicolò Pipitone (Italy), Bernd Raffeiner (Italy), Roberta Ramonda (Italy), Maurizio Rossini (Italy), Luca Sconfienza (Italy), Gian Domenico Sebastiani (Italy), Carlo Selmi (Italy), Luigi Sinigaglia (Italy), Angela Tincani (Italy), Massimo Varenna (Italy), Florentin Vreju (Romania), Anthony Woolf (UK)

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